August 2008 newsletter

Dear TCCC members,

I realize I am writing to all of you after a long time, close to over 7-8 months. This delay has occurred largely due to the logistics of organizing the elections for the new TCCC chair (this was concluded around May 2008), and due to the fact that I had been incredibly busy with several work commitments for the past 2-3 months. I did not initiate any new activities or emails over the last few months, as I was primarily waiting to hand over the responsibility of the TCCC to the new chair.

I am pleased to let you know that Prof. Burkhard Stiller ( has been elected to be the new chair of the TCCC (nominally through December 2009) by a Computer Society ballot. Accordingly, I am thus stepping down (with my entire Executive Committee colleagues) from the post of TCCC chair, and would like to introduce Burkhard as the new chair (with immediate effect).

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of my TCCC colleagues for giving me the opportunity to serve as the TCCC chair for 2006-2007/8. It has been an incredibly educational experience for me; I have greatly enjoyed this honor. I am proud that, with your help, we have now significantly revitalized the TCCC and that it has retained its position as a key and active TC of the Computer Society.

I am sure each of you will join me in wishing Burkhard the best on his new volunteer responsibility, and in lending him any assistance that he may require. I would request you to henceforth direct any new questions/suggestions regarding TCCC activities to Burkhard.

Best wishes, Archan